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My projects

UI/UX Design: Designing /e/OS - Bringing users home

Murena /e/OS is a privacy-enabled mobile operating system. This is my biggest project to date. This is a very complex project with many parts, and I am extremely proud to be part of its design process, from continuous research to the design and development loop. The goal was to make /e/OS usable for day to day usage without Google’s applications, while giving the users control over their privacy.

preview card image /e/OS

UI Design: Seal VPN UI Design Project

Seal VPN is an internal security tool designed to replace a complex and unfriendly application previously used, with a simple and easy-to-use application. The goal was to provide friendly and intuitive AI that encourages team members to equip security protocol for confidential communications and data exchange.

preview card image Seal VPN

Other small design projects

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Preview Description
Logo design for a bug bounty program Logo design for a bug bounty program (2022)
Animated infographics Animated infographics showing how much data Google collect from each vendors. (2021)
Penguins Univsersity information leaflet design Leaflet design for Penguins University, an online personalized education platform (2024)

Portfolio is being updated constantly